Stainless Steel Clad

NobelClad uses its proprietary explosion welding process, DetaClad™, to produce durable stainless steel clad. 

Stainless steel clad can be found in oil & gas facilities as well as chemical processing plants with cladders like 317L stainless steel and 304L stainless steel. Their corrosion resistant properties perform well against sulfuric acid, acidic chlorine, and phosphoric acid with the added benefits of extending life equipment and lowering overhead costs. 

The shear strength of stainless steel using our DetaClad process is 25,000 PSI above the ASME/ASTM standard, giving end users confidence that NobelClad’s stainless steel clad will perform as designed throughout equipment lifecycle. 

Explore all of NobelClad’s stainless steel clad combinations below!