An Inside Look at Supply Chain with Kuni Etuk

Scaling a global business, and doing it the right way, requires discipline to enable and support growth. Standard and repeatable supply chain processes improve our ability to deliver raw materials, orders and manufactured applications, on time and on budget.     

At the intersection of production quality, design ingenuity and market share, you’ll find NobelClad’s Kuni Etuk, Global Supply Chain Director. After getting her start procuring and pricing raw materials for NobelClad in 2013, Kuni today leads the company’s supply chain. Raw material procurement, supplier management and logistics support all lead to getting solutions to our customers. Kuni oversees all the people, suppliers, subcontractors and processes involved in procuring, managing, shipping and delivery NobelClad solutions.

Over the years, NobelClad has grown and our supply chain has become more complex. It also became increasingly difficult for Kuni to manage the movement of goods around the world, making sure both raw materials and final products were delivered on time, alone. Together with her team, Kuni scoped and opened several supply chain roles to scale the team’s capabilities alongside NobelClad’s growing, global business. 

Now a team of 12, and under Kuni’s leadership, supply chain has introduced several organizational changes and process improvements in markets around the world. The team added purchasing managers in both Europe and the U.S. to oversee NobelClad’s two main manufacturing areas, and the team tracks raw materials to ensure shipments are on schedule and delivery is forecasted to NobelClad customers. 

This year, Kuni is leading an effort to maintain inventory of high-demand and -volume solutions, such as steel, copper and clad tube sheets. The move will further diversify NobelClad’s business model, which currently accommodates made-to-order solutions. Effectively keeping and maintaining inventory presents new opportunity, taking advantage of pricing and fulfillment, to meet customer demand. NobelClad will unite the best of a local metal provider, with price and convenience, and the best of a global company, with resources and innovation, to solve demanding problems for the world’s fastest-growing industrial infrastructure.   

Born in Nigeria, Kuni moved to the U.S. with her family when she was 8 years old. Her full name, Kunimini, is derived from a Nigerian expression which means “don’t keep time”, and she claims to be the only person in the world with that name. Beyond supply chain, Kuni loves to travel. She believes each culture has unique qualities that are both vivacious and beautiful. Of the many places she’s traveled, Brazil, Africa, and Europe are her favorites.

NobelClad is the world’s expert in clad. For more than 50 years, our design ingenuity, technical proficiency and unparalleled dependability have positioned us an invaluable solutions provider for process architects, engineers, and fabricators alike, the world over.