Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting is offered as part of NobelClad’s suite of Industrial Services offered at our U.S. manufacturing facility, in southwest Pennsylvania, which allows us to reliably deliver high-quality, raw material and manufactured services on time and on budget to customers anywhere in the U.S.

Best for precisely cutting materials used in the fabrication of machine parts, NobelClad’s dual-head waterjet cutting system can quickly nest and cut parts from nearly any sheet material in the world, be it metal or plastic.

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Solving Material Challenges

Our expert staff has over 50 years experience working in the metals industry and is well versed in a wide range of alloys including Copper, Aluminum and Titanium.

Using a high-pressure water and abrasive stream, we cut holes, sharp corners, intricate shapes, and more without compromising the material’s surface or internal properties. This makes water jet cutting ideal for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures of other cutting methods, such as materials commonly used in mining and aerospace applications.


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water jet cutting
Our waterjet cuts are backed by our ISO 9001-2015 certified Quality System, which guarantees all products are fully inspected and certified according to world-renowned industry standards.