An Inside Look at Inside Sales in the Middle East with Yassine Ikiou

NobelClad has established a strong presence across the globe, especially in the Middle East. Over the past two years NobelClad has expanded our workforce in the United Arab Emirates and India. Yassine Ikiou, Inside Sales Specialist for the Middle Eastern Market, has been with NobelClad since September 2014.  Yassine has been influential in establishing this presence within his region. Before NobelClad, Ikiou worked with an international freight forwarder company, Ten Roussillon. He then went on to earn two master’s degrees in management and in international business. With this experience and education, Ikiou provides a service to his customers in the best way he believes: with flexibility, personal service, quick delivery, and competitive prices. 

Being an Inside Sales Specialist within a volatile industry comes with many trials, tribulations, and annoyances. Yassine states that the best career advice he has ever been given was to “have patience and respect”. He leverages these two qualities to ensure project success as he builds customer relationships. For Yassine, it is of high importance that customers are content, and that quality service is provided. When Yassine was asked what he would do if he weren’t in the position he is in today, he replied, “I have no idea because, I was born for this career.” 

Yassine defines success as “not being the strongest one. It is hard work; perseverance; sacrifice; learning; and, most of all, love.” With this attitude towards success, he has become an influential NobelClad employee who is persistent, methodical and self-confident. 

When Yassine is not in the office, he enjoys playing fútbol and going to the gym, exploring new places with his wife and friends, and reading self-improvement books. He is also extremely interested in history. When asked which person he could meet, dead or alive, he responded with the Moroccan King Mohamed VI because he would like to have a private meeting with him to debate how to “develop and coordinate the country with the young generation between innovation and conversation.”
When Yassine was asked to describe NobelClad in three words, he replied with “Challenge. Passion. Teamwork.”