NobelClad™ manufactures clad plate, clad tube sheets and custom composite metal solutions using its trusted and proprietary DetaClad™ explosion welding process. In doing so, we can reliably and safely solve end users’ most challenging needs in the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets.

Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, and as a division of DMC Global Inc., we operate manufacturing facilities in Liebenscheid, Germany, and Mount Braddock, Pennsylvania, US, with worldwide sales and distribution resources dedicated to clad metal products.


Creating Bonds That Last

DetaClad Is Trusted Around the World

The DetaClad process guarantees the reliability and quality of our clad plates for your fabricated head, vessels and heat exchangers.
Reliability in Detaclad

NobelClad Announces Launch of DetaPipe™

Today, there is no technology that allows clad pipe or unions like elbows and tees to be joined at the flange while maintaining a continuous clad face, or to other solid pipe systems.

Reliable Inspection Methods

This video features a shop floor demonstration and technical overview of the automated ultrasonic testing process used at NobelClad to inspect explosion welded plates.
Automated ultrasonic testing

Demanding industries turn to NobelClad for the widest collection of customizable metal combinations. These solutions are backed by premium-quality service and manufacturing experience only NobelClad can provide.

What Can I Clad

What Metals Can I Clad?

Explore the more than 260 dissimilar metal combinations we weld —all possible through explosion welding, roll bonding and weld overlay.

NobelClad's Liebenscheid, Germany facility

Integrated Operations for Better Results

Our DetaClad explosion welding process gives licensors, end users, engineers and fabricators added peace of mind when failure and delayed project timelines isn’t an option.

Tube Sheets Are Now In Stock

Field service and emergency teams are familiar with the unplanned, maintenance work at refineries. NobelClad is stocking tube sheets for quick turn-around orders.
NobelClad tube sheets

Customers choosing to invest in DetaClad are rewarded with better project success, faster production ramp-ups, reliable equipment that works as designed, and fewer unplanned downtime events.

NobelClad quality manager

Global Expertise & Service Anytime, Anywhere

"As a trusted fabricator for critical process equipment and vessels, we have extensive experience building to customers’ unique requirements. When clad metals are called for, Enerfab relies on NobelClad."

- Director of Business Development, Enerfab

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